Somewhere In Time

There is nothing too old to pass on.
Everything in life can be reused or repurposed. Let’s put old stuff to good use and not in a landfill.

Diane Luers was employed at Marriott International for many years managing the “Interior Design Resource Center” which is one of the largest in-house resource libraries in the hospitality  industry. This library is utilized by Interior Designers, Architects, Architectural Spec Writers, Procurement Agents, and Engineering.

Diane’s organizational skills were exceptional. She is extremely proactive and provided the organization skills to manage such a large resource center at Marriott. Diane was the internal liaison with suppliers, managed design presentations, and organize the library that was user-friendly. The amount of product that came in daily and hundreds of calls and e-mails weekly by suppliers can be overwhelming with a Fortune 500 Company. For Diane, she never missed a beat to keep up and truly loved to clean and organize.

If you are looking for someone to hire for an estate liquidation sale that is well organized, where the process is seamless Diane is the right candidate for you.

Tim Sefchok, Retired Sr. Director of Interior Design, Marriott International

I worked with Diane for four years at Marriott International and we still remain good friends. As a co-worker, I recognized Diane’s amazing organizational skills and her ability to be efficient, not just for herself, but for her customers as well.

But what really stands out about Diane is her personality. She is friendly, personable, approachable, and kind. When people meet her, she engages them and makes them feel at ease. This is why Diane is succeeding in her business. She’s all about people and ensures that the project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Diane is who you need for a task this large. She is always on point and a great problem solver.

Nicole Adams, Owner of Nicole Adams Creative Services