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A walk-thru of the home to evaluate the assets, prepare several different options and determine the estimated length of time for the project.


We will remove all unsellable belongings from the home and dispose of them in the correct manner. We are dedicated to passing on your loved one’s things to recycling facilities, donation centers, and charitable organizations. This should be done before the estate sale in order to give you room to spread out the items for sale.


If it is decided between the family and myself, that it is beneficial to have an estate sale, then we will set up and price each item according to its value. We take full responsibility in organizing similar items to make it easier for viewing. We will provide all required signage, tables, electrical cords, lighting, and jewelry cases to protect items of value.  In addition, we also advertise in various media markets.


If you are interested in attending one of our estate sales you can find some upcoming ones below! There is never a way to anticipate what we will have, but it is there is always something for everyone. And who doesn’t love a good bargain?


This can be the most difficult task. Having to choose a small amount of items out of a household can be hard. Especially for someone that believes everything they have is special. Patience is a virtue for everyone involved. Somewhere in Time, LLC can help make the decision to sell, give to family or to donate, easier by walking you thru it one room at a time.

Christopher’s  Antiques
Chris Keller, Master Craftsman
Phone: 301-262-1299
Email: Kellerfun8521@yahoo.com

Recycling: Anne Arundel Recycling, Auctions houses, private businesses

Waste Management: Anne Arundel Waste Dump

Charities: Partners in Care, A Wider Circle,  Hope for All, Sarah’s House, Veterans Charities, Lions Club

Now Serving the Following Counties: Anne Arundel, Howard, Baltimore, Frederick, Montgomery